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Friday, July 29, 2005


John Brown's March to the Gallows

Based on the probably apocryphal story that John Brown stopped to kiss a black baby on the way to the gallows. True or not the story is wonderful and deserves to be remembered

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Hi Spicuzza

Thanks for taking the time to write me.
I'm not sure what you are saying here. I'm not sure if you read any of my frustrating exchanges with Beanpie.
I tried in my way to expose the NOI myth and to ridicule by showing it as ridiculous.
The uneducated mind that created this myth supposed a 73 trillion year old Black race. An evil big headed scientist who created the White race 6,000 years ago. That monkeys and pigs were created less then 6,000 years ago from the white race. That black scientists built a Mother ship, fling saucer to help the Japanese during WWII.
The obvious fact that Fard (the con-man founder) was a white man, a bigamist and a ritual torturer and murderer is ignored by the faithful.
The friendly relations between the NOI and the American Nazi party and White supremacists should be publicized. The Murder of Malcolm X and Farrakahn's obvious and self admitted involvement should be publicized.
I think that Beanpie is a troubled young man who is a victim of this vicious cult. I hope and think that I was starting to wear him down.
He finally admitted that he was part Irish.
For the past few years I've been working digitally. My art work is compact and can be stored on discs. I find this medium rich in possibilities and I am not at all disturbed by the notion that digital work is "too easy" or"not marketable". Many of these works could be seen as sketches for concrete works which I may produce in the future but if my plaster and acrylic works are better than my cyber works maybe it is that I haven't mastered this medium yet and need to work harder at it.

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